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Other Outreach Activities

The Art and Science of Song

Date and Time

Sat, 30 March 2019
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Bring your curiosity and wonder! Join us for an inspiring evening exploring the science and art of song, hosted by the University of Toronto Department of Physics and featuring the Cornell University Chorus.

What distinguishes music from noise? What is a musical note, and why do some notes sound harmonious together and other notes clash? Why do different people singing the same note sound different? What makes different vowels sound different, even when you sing them on the same note? In the first half-hour of this event, guided by Dr. Carolyn Sealfon, we will explore a few questions like these with the Cornell Chorus. Together we will observe patterns and test possible explanations, uncovering simple yet powerful rules about notes, vibrations, and waves.

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