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Science Rendezvous

Where Science and People Meet!

Join us for our virtual science street festival on May 8, 2021!

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Pick and choose when to tune into the Department of Physics webinars based on the schedule below. The webinar link for the festival will be emailed to you from Science Rendezvous after you register using the registration link above.


Talk: "What is Life? Can we measure it?"
Speaker: Professor Dwayne Miller

11:30am - 12:00pm
Live or Recorded:

This talk will discuss latest advances that show how innumerable arrangements of atoms are guided by a few key types of motions that shows an enormous reduction in number of dimensions or possibilities. This work gives our first hints at how chemistry scaled in complexity to the limit of biological molecules to breathe life into otherwise inanimate objects. Could a similar reduction principle be at work that gives rise to the nonlinear biochemical pathways that lead to living response functions. This conjecture will be discussed along with the new technology that holds promise to open a new window on the study of cells - and from a physics perspective - the meaning of life."

Age: 14 and up

Atmospheric Physics

Talk 1: Up, up and Away! Doing Scientific Experiments from a Really Big Balloon
Professor Kaley Walker’s Group

12:40 - 1:20pm
Live or Recorded: Live

Description: Come along for the ride as we discuss how high-altitude balloons can be used to study Earth’s atmosphere from “near-space”. Learn how instruments are designed and tested to handle harsh conditions. We will take you along for the journey of a balloon flight capable of carrying 500-1000 kg of experimental equipment up to altitudes of 30-40 km. Hint, the balloon is 25 stories tall!

Age: General audience, everyone is welcome

Ocean Thermodynamics

Talk: Oceans in Motion
Speaker: Professor Nicolas Grisouard

2:10 - 2:40pm
Live or recorded: Live

Description: The oceans have inspired many throughout history, and the tools developed to understand them have led to numerous advances in timekeeping, navigation, and mathematics. This presentation first provides an overview of the science of tides from ancient times all the way up to the modern satellite era. We then explain how physicists shape the contemporary study of the oceans and of the climate system.

Age: 14 and up

Talk: From Basic Science to Star Trek Surgery: Achieving the Fundamental (Single Cell) Limits to Minimally Invasive Surgery and Biodiagnostics
Professor Dwayne Miller

4:00 - 5:00pm
Live or Recorded:

Description: One of the dream experiments in science was to directly observe atomic motions during the defining moments of chemistry and biology - to make a "molecular movie". This experiment was achieved and beyond any expectation this research discovered the basic physics to enable the laser to finally achieve its long held promise to attain single cell precision for surgery. The new technology is the first method by any means capable of scar free surgery and molecular bar codes for surgical

guidance. In this context, the importance of blue sky research will be discussed in terms of the questions motivating scientist to explore deeper and how to benefit from discovery.

Age: General audience, everyone is welcome. Some laser surgery will be shown on model tissues.

Science Rendezvous at the University of Toronto (St. George Campus) features numerous demonstrations and activities that integrate science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and human ingenuity. The event offers visitors of all ages a chance to meet with world-class researchers, conduct hands-on experiments and, above all, have fun while discovering science in a whole new way.

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