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PHY385H1Introductory Optics

Course Title PHY385H1
Session winter
Year of Study 3rd year
Time and Location 24L: TF2 - Room: tba
20P: M1-3 Room: MP222
Course Homepage Link to Course Homepage

Natalia  Krasnopolskaia


Official Description

An introduction to physics of light. Topics covered include: electromagnetic waves, propagation of light; the Huygens and Fermat's principles; Geometrical optics and optical instruments; Interference of waves and diffraction; Polarization; Introduction to photons, lasers and optical fibers.

Prerequisite: PHY250H1, PHY254H1
Co-requisite: n.a.
Exclusion: ECE318H1
Recommended preparation: n.a.
Textbook Optics, 5th edition by E. Hecht

Additional Notes

Physics Practicals

In addition to lectures, students meet 10 times through the semester for 2 hours in Practicals.  The time is devoted to discussion, problem-solving and hands-on activities.  The goals are to deepen understanding of the physics, develop laboratory skills and analysis techniques.  The Practicals website is