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7. Resources

Table of Contents

    7.1. McLennan Health & Safety Office

    Located in Room 302, Burton Tower, McLennan Physical Laboratories, Contact Liz Glover at or call 416-978-2231.

    7.2. Safety Information Centres & Bulletin boards

    Safety brochures and booklets on WHMIS regulations, University H&S policies, safe handling procedure for compressed gases, chemicals and radioactive materials, first aid procedures and information about Physics Health and Safety Committee are found in two locations:

    Physics Library in Burton Tower Room 211C has a safety display board.

    Safety display outside Machine Shop entrance Rooms 060 /066

    • Safety bulletin boards contain First Aid & Eyewash Station Locations, Emergency Response Personnel and Procedures will be posted on the 11th and 3rd floors of the Burton Tower, and the undergrad wing 1st floor and in the Basement display holders beside Physics Stores. Committee Members List & Minutes of meetings are posted on the Department of Physics website.

    7.3. Safety Equipment & Supplies

    Physics Stores is located in basement Room 060 /O62 and it has the following protective equipment: safety eyeglass, hearing protection, protective and disposable gloves, chemical spill kits and WHMIS labels.

    Contact Alex Cui at or phone 416-978-5232 to special order safety equipment needed in your laboratory.

    7.4. Office of Environmental Health & Safety

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