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How is admission decided and by whom?

Applications are reviewed and all admission decisions taken by the Graduate Admission Committee, which is comprised of faculty who represent the full spectrum of research within the Department of Physics. The Committee may request input from other faculty members with appropriate expertise in Physics or cognate disciplines in order to evaluate applications effectively.

Applications are adjudicated on the basis of the written application and supporting documents only. The Graduate Admission Committee does not consider race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation when reviewing applications.

Applications are adjudicated on the basis of the following information:

  • Online application form
  • One- to two-page "statement of intent" that details activities and experience relevant to graduate studies, and indicates areas of research interest. The Graduate Admission Committee is interested in your reasons for wanting to study in the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto, not why you want to study physics generally. A statement demonstrating knowledge of this Department, your field, and why you think that you would benefit from studying here will be more informative than a statement explaining why you are interested in physics generally.
  • Two letters of reference from professors or scientists who are familiar with you as a person and can evaluate your preparation and suitability for graduate studies and research
  • One transcript from each post-secondary institution attended
  • Proof of English facility, if applicable
  • (Optional) Other written information, such as a CV

The following factors may influence the final outcome of an application:

  • Availability of supervision in the research area or sub-discipline of study
  • Availability of funds
  • Total number of students in the Department
  • Overall strength of the applicant pool and competition among applicants

Decisions taken by the Graduate Admission Committee are FINAL. Neither the Committee nor the Physics Graduate Office will provide reasons for the final outcome of an application. Neither the Committee nor the Graduate Office will enter into discussion or correspondence concerning the final outcome of any individual application.