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Admissions Procedure

Admissions decisions are made by the Admissions Committee which is composed of senior members of the Department representing the entire spectrum of research in the Department. This committee may request input from other people, internal and external, as it sees fit to fully evaluate applications.

Applications are adjudicated without regard to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Applications are adjudicated on the basis of written information only.

Applications are adjudicated on the basis of the following information:

  • The online application.
  • A one page "statement of intent"  that talks about any activities or experience that may be relevant to graduate studies and to indicate areas of research interest.
  • Two letters of reference from professors or scientists familiar with the applicant's work who can give opinions on your background and suitability for graduate studies and research.
  • One transcript from each post-secondary institution attended.
  • Proof of English facility, if applicable.
  • (Optional) Other written information - internal and external - as appropriate.

The acceptance of an application may be influenced by the following factors:

  • Availability of supervision in the sub-field of study.
  • Availability of funds.
  • Total number of students in the department.
  • Competition among applicants.

The Admissions Committee decisions are final.  It does not give reasons for decisions, nor will it enter into correspondence regarding particular cases.