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Experimental Particle Physics Courses

Course offerings relevant to experimental particle physics students

"Core" courses:

The following Fall-term courses are intended as core preparation for graduate students in all disciplines. While they are not required, experimental particle physics students should be comfortable with at least Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism, unless they have already had courses at the appropriate level in these disciplines.

Sample course schedule

A typical entering student in experimental particle physics should strive to satisfy their minimum course requirements in 2 semesters. Since much of our research takes place at labs away from Toronto, students should become integrated in the activities of the experiments as soon as possible (preferably already in their second year of graduate study).   We have designed a program that makes it possible to complete the course requirements in the first year of study, independent of whether a student is undertaking a Masters + PhD or embarking directly into a PhD program. Below we give hypothetical schedules for students planning to complete the course requirements in 2 semesters.

In all cases, it is expected that students will take some courses from outside of particle physics, and these should be chosen based on interest and on consultation with your research supervisor; we do not specify them here.  (Note:  There are two "special topic" courses that are  given in alternating years, and some students choose to take the second of these in the second year of their graduate studies.)

2-semester plan
Fall 1489F Introduction to High Energy Physics
2403F Field Theory 1
others (e.g., 1485H, 14883F, 1510F or 1520F)
Spring 2405S Experimental High Energy Physics
1600S Effective Communication for Scientists
2407S Special Topics in High Energy Physics (or in alternate years 2408S)
others (e.g. 1610S, 2404S,1484S, 2406S)

Links to the HEP-specific courses can be found here: