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2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)


Student's Name: Ishika Bangari

Supervisor:  Professor Robert Orr

Project Title: Studying the long term characteristics of irradiated silicon strip tracking detectors in ATLAS


Student's Name: Aditya Chugh

Supervisor:  Professor Barth Netterfield

Project Title: Integration and testing of the SuperBIT balloon borne payload, including the solar powering system and thermal control system


Student's Name: Fadi Farook

Supervisor:  Professor Anton Zilman

Project Title: Mathematical modeling in biophysics

Student's Name: Paridhi Goel

Supervisor:  Professor Dwayne Miller

Project Title: Understanding the reaction kernel in chemistry via ultrafast electron diffraction


Student's Name: Jason Kahn

Supervisor:  Professor Ziqing Hong

Project Title: Characterization of SuperCDMS detectors


Student's Name: Amy Mann

Supervisor:  Professor Debra Wunch

Project Title: Analysis of aerosol observations in the GTA


Student's Name: Sidhant Suar

Supervisor:  Professor Keith Vanderlinde

Project Title: Characterization and performance testing of RFoF units for the CHORD telescope array


Student's Name: John Wood

Supervisor:  Professor Kent Moore

Project Title: Characterization of extreme tip jets off Cape Farewell Greenland using satellite data and numerical weather prediction models

Undergraduate Program  SURF