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Are you thinking about coming to Toronto ?

The University of Toronto has a long tradition in graduate research in physics.  Since 1900 a total of 1,190 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded in Physics. Our graduates have come from all parts of Canada and the rest of the world. They have had a major influence in the world of physics and science as a  whole. For more information about some of our distinguished alumni, see Nobel Prize Winners and the History of the Department of Physics.

Our current graduate enrollment (2017/18) totals 217 students in programmes leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D.

2012: 16 PhDs     2013: 34 PhDs      2014: 24 PhDs       2015: 27 PhDs    2016: 19 PhDs    2017: 21 PhDs   2018: 16 PhDs

Typically about 25% of our graduate students are women. For more information about women in physics research at U of T, see Women in Physics.

Building on the strong tradition of the last 100 years, the Department of Physics at U of T is continuing with great energy. Many new young, world-class physicists are being hired in tenure-track positions and setting up exciting research programmes. It is a great time to come to Toronto to do your graduate studies in Physics. For more information about life as a graduate student, see the Graduate Student Handbook. We hope you will join us!

We welcome the following new students who have decided to join us for graduate studies in September 2018. This new group of students continue the tradition of selecting the best applicants from all parts of the world.

Here's a list of incoming students for 2018/2019:

Last Name First Name University Province/Country
Alkhatib Imran UofT Ontario
Atashi Shaghayegh UofT Ontario
Audette Alexandre U Ottawa Ontario
Banic Milica Queen's U Ontario
Barron Jared Alberta U Alberta
Brandys Colin Georgia Inst Tech USA
Chen Rainni UofT Ontario
Chou Chih Chun (Gina) McGill U Ontario
Clepkens Jonathan Queen's U Ontario
Cote Kristen York U Ontario
DiMaria Christian McMaster U Ontario
Dribin Daniel Hebrew U Jerusalem Israel
Fan Raymond UofT Ontario
Jain Sheetal IIT Bombay India
Joly-Smith Euan McGill U
Jow Dylan UBC British Columbia
Knight Timothy McMaster U Ontario
Leung Kai Yee Queen Mary Coll U London United Kingdom
MacKay Vincent McGill U Quebec
Matsunami Daiju Simon Fraser U British Columbia
McGowan Joseph McGill U Quebec
Mu Anqi UofT Ontario
Park Tae Hyoun Carleton U Ontario
Rayyan Ahmed Alberta U Alberta
Sattari Javid Amirata U Tehran Iran
Saunders Laura Noelle McGill U Quebec
Schee Mikhail Minnesota Twin Cities USA
Shaaban Mohamed UBC British Columbia
Tempest Kirsten Isabel U Glasgow Scotland
Thompson Kyle Regina U Saskatchewan
Tiwari Pranjal Michigan State U USA
Tyhurst Emily UBC British Columbia
Uncu Jeffrey UofT Ontario
Voleti Sreekar Nagoya U Japan
Vu Henry Huy York U Ontario
Wandler Frank David Alberta U Alberta
Wittemeier Christian Queen's U Ontario
Wizenberg Tyler UofT Ontario
Zhang Enze Shanghai Jiaotong U China