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Are you thinking about coming to Toronto ?



The University of Toronto has a long tradition in graduate research in physics.  Since 1900 a total of 1,190 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded in Physics. Our graduates have come from all parts of Canada and the rest of the world. They have had a major influence in the world of physics and science as a  whole. For more information about some of our distinguished alumni, see Nobel Prize Winners and the History of the Department of Physics.

Our current graduate enrollment (2017/18) totals 217 students in programmes leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D.

2011: 21 PhDs          2012:  16 PhDs     2013: 34 PhDs      2014: 24 PhDs       2015: 27 PhDs   2016: 19 PhDs 

Typically about 25% of our graduate students are women. For more information about women in physics research at U of T, see Women in Physics.

Building on the strong tradition of the last 100 years, the Department of Physics at U of T is continuing with great energy. Many new young, world-class physicists are being hired in tenure-track positions and setting up exciting research programmes. It is a great time to come to Toronto to do your graduate studies in Physics. For more information about life as a graduate student, see the Graduate Student Handbook. We hope you will join us!

We welcome the following new students who have decided to join us for graduate studies in September 2017. This new group of students continue the tradition of selecting the best applicants from all parts of the world.


Here's a list of incoming students for 2017/2018:

Name University Province/Country
Daniela Angulo Murcillo 
National University of Columbia
Matthew Basso
University of British Columbia Okanagan British Columbia
Gidon Bookatz
University of Manitoba Manitoba
Garett Brown
Brigham Young University
John Darvy Castroverde
University of Toronto Ontario
Jingxuan Chen
University of Toronto Ontario
Bianca Ciungu
University of Toronto Ontario
Elizabeth Cunningham
Loyola University Chicago USA
Jack Davis
University of Waterloo 
Thomas de Beer
University of Leiden
Shayne Gryba
University of Regina
Liam Haas-Neill
University of Toronto Ontario
Kyle Hwangbo
University of Toronto
Kenneth Jackson
Yale University USA
Justin Kim
York University  Ontario
Subin Kim
University of Toronto
Duncan Kirby
University of Saskatchewan
Yauheni Klyshko
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Qizhong Liang
Nankai University  China
Austin Linquist
University of Windsor Ontario
Ga Ching Samuel Lui
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Hong Kong
Tianyi Ma
University of Waterloo Ontario
Huanyu Meng McMaster University Ontario
Mark Meschino
University of Toronto
Ovidiu Miu
University of Glasgow Scotland
Thomas Neil Morrison
Queen's University
Hongyoul Park
University of Toronto
Sumit Kumar Ram
Indian Inst.of Science Education & Research Kolkata India
Jeremy Rothschild
McGill University Quebec
Yashoj Shakya
Jacobs University Germany
Spencer Smyth University of Toronto Ontario
Matthew Williams Taylor
University of Waterloo Ontario
Jesse Velay-Vitow
Simon Fraser University  British Columbia
Long Sang Kenny Yip
Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Zheng Zhang
Beijing Normal University China
Tiantian Zheng
New York University Abu Dhabi