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Get to Know Us Weekend


On behalf of the Department of Physics, the Admissions Committee and the Graduate Student Office would like to invite all recipients of graduate offers from the Department of Physics currently resident in Canada to a "get to know us" weekend.

The purpose of this event is to allow potential graduate students to meet Faculty and current graduate students, and to familiarize themselves with the graduate experience in the Department. This is a significant opportunity to get to know the Department and its researchers.  We encourage all applicants who have received offers to join us.

The Department of Physics will reimburse travel costs against receipts to a limit of $700 per applicant.  (In exceptional circumstances, additional travel funds may be available. Please contact us to discuss the issue further as necessary.)


The Physics Department at 60 St. George Street, Toronto.

Further Information

Will be provided to students with their offers of admission.


Presentations at 2018 Event:

Graduate Studies in Physics at UofT (Trischuk, Associate Chair)

Theoretical HEP and Cosmology (Cresswell)

Condensed Matter Physics (Experiment: Yuan, Theory: Boudjada)

Quantum Optics (Spierings van der Wolk)

Experimental HEP (Les)

Biological Physics (Gomes)

Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Physics (Byrne)

Astrophysics (Lachlani)