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Physics Colloquium

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Oct. 27, 2011
Wave-particle duality at the macroscopic scale
April 7, 2011
The LHC's First Year: New Results from the ATLAS Experiment -or- Life at the Zeptoscale
March 24, 2011
Astrophysics from the Stratosphere
Feb. 17, 2011
Can acoustics be quantum?
March 31, 2011
Why are chemotaxis receptors clustered but other receptors aren't?
March 3, 2011
Strongly Correlated Electron Materials: Concepts and Applications
March 10, 2011
Rotation with zero angular momentum: Demonstrations of the falling cat phenomenon go sour
March 17, 2011
Weather on Remote Worlds: The Atmospheric Circulation of the Hot Jupiters
Feb. 3, 2011
New approaches in force spectroscopy: from enzyme kinetics to single-molecule centrifugation
Jan. 27, 2011
Mega-joule experiments on the National Ignition Facility - on the road to produce a microscopic star in the laboratory*
Jan. 20, 2011
Stoichiometry, Structure, Bonding, and the Electronic Properties of Fe and Co Pnictides
Feb. 10, 2011
Modelling the interior dynamics and evolution of Earth, Venus, Mars and super-Earths
Dec. 2, 2010
Probing the String Landscape:Implications, Applications, and Altercations
Jan. 13, 2011
Satellite Observations and Chemistry Climate Models – A Meandering Path Towards Better Predictions
Nov. 18, 2010
The Hanbury Brown Twiss effect: from stars to cold atoms
Nov. 25, 2010
From Sorcery to Science: how Hollywood Physics impacts the Sciences
Nov. 11, 2010
Geometrical Frustration in Solids
March 11, 2010
Ultra-cold ferromagnetism
Feb. 9, 2010
How to use your cultural intelligence to your advantage: Navigating the job search process
Feb. 5, 2009
The Versatility of the World's Strongest Magnetic Fields for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
March 5, 2009
Patterns of Green in the Desert Brown
Feb. 12, 2009
Tunable Terahertz Metamaterials
Jan. 15, 2009
Physics Colloquium Jan. 15, 2009
Jan. 22, 2009
How networked tools are changing science
Feb. 26, 2009
Graduate Quantum Mechanics Reform
Jan. 29, 2009
Tissue Engineering in the Nervous System
Nov. 27, 2008
Physics Colloquium Nov. 27 2008
Dec. 4, 2008
Physics Colloquium Dec. 4 2008
Oct. 16, 2008
Physics Colloquium Oct. 16, 2008
Oct. 13, 2006
[Physics Colloquium --- Note Special Time:] The High Supersaturation Puzzle
This week's colloquium will take place at a special time and location.
Sept. 14, 2006
The Assassin of Relativity
April 20, 2006
Global Change in Water Availability
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