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Professor Debra Wunch honoured by the American Geophysical Union
Feb. 29, 2024
by A&S News
Debra Wunch
Awards and Honours, Our Faculty, Research
Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo named 2024 IEEE Fellow
Jan. 15, 2024
by UT Physics
Awards and Honours, Our Faculty, Research
The 21st Century’s “Music of the Spheres”
Scientists and artists are giving voice to everything from planets to black holes, enriching the research experience and bringing wonders of the universe to new audiences.
Jan. 5, 2024
by Damond Benningfield
Matt Russo
Our Faculty, Research
Professor Kaley Walker honoured as a 2024 Optica Fellow
Jan. 5, 2024
by UT Physics
Awards and Honours, Our Faculty, Research
Postdoctoral Interview with Yuxuan Zhang
Dec. 4, 2023
by Alyx Dellamonica
Graduate Education, Research
Prof. Dick Bond honoured by Canadian and American physics communities
Oct. 25, 2023
by Chris Sasaki - A&S News
Awards and Honours, Our Faculty, Research
Prof. Sarah Rauscher and Liam Haas-Neill make new findings about stem cells
Oct. 20, 2023
by UT Physics
Our Faculty, Our Students, Research
Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals
Oct. 16, 2023
by UT Physics
Our Faculty, Research
How one U of T PhD student's dream of exploring space took flight on a balloon
Emaad Paracha was a key member of the team that launched the Super-pressure Balloon-borne Imaging Telescope, known as SuperBIT, earlier this year
Oct. 2, 2023
by Coby Zucker
Graduate Education, Our Students, Research
Documentary on Balloon-borne Telescope Developed at U of T Streaming Now
Earlier this year, astronomers successfully launched a balloon-borne telescope that captured extraordinary images of the Universe on its first flight above the Earth’s atmosphere. The Super Pressure Balloon-Borne Imaging Telescope (SuperBIT) was flown to the edge of space by a helium-filled NASA scientific balloon the size of a football stadium, where it also helped researchers investigate the mystery of dark matter.
Sept. 20, 2023
by Dunlap Institute